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Whole Body Make-Over Program Bundle

Duration/50 mins/6 weeks. Book your 1st session/book subsequent sessions thereafter.

  • 50 minutes
  • 260 US dollars
  • Zoom, Phone, Messenger

Service Description

If you're someone desiring to feel energized, drop weight & look younger, then this full body health transformation is exactly what you need. In 4 weeks you will feel energized, lose weight (belly), sleep harder (curb insomnia), look more refreshed, reverse signs of aging, have more appetite control, reduce or eliminate cravings & improve digestion. You'll learn to listen to your body's signs & signals & know what to do about it. Body intuition is your best tool when it comes down to your best health, and I'll teach you exactly how to tap into your body's voice. Whole Body Make-Over Program: The 1st week: 1. The first 50 minute session is a consultation where we discuss your patient intake form & questionnaire. We will address any or all of your concerns, what your health goals are, and what your protocol will look like. The 2nd week: 2. The second 50 minute session we will thoroughly discuss your protocol. All the changes you will need to make. I will answer all of your questions or any concerns that you have. I will make recommendations and give you all the information that you need to begin your tailored program. The 3rd week: 3. The third 50 minute session we will discuss your progress and any changes that you've been experiencing. You will have new questions once you've started your program and we will address those here. I will make changes to your program if necessary to further tailor to your needs and changes. I will guide you to better understand what your body is going through and what changes to expect. The 4rd week: 4. The 4th 50 minute session we will review the last 2 weeks of your progress on the program. You will have the knowledge and tools to continue the program without my guidance. We will discuss body awareness & how to listen to the signs and signals your body is sending you & how to respond to it. I will also help you close out your program & what to do next. 5. The 5th 50 minute session you will continue to revise your protocol. We will discuss other integrative therapies that you can combine along with your protocol to meet new health goals and/or support current health goals. I will put together a plan to meet your objectives. 6. The 6th 50 minute session we will discuss the additional changes we made to your protocol. We'll review all new changes or symptoms you are experiencing, discuss how your body responds to all your habits and how to respond correctly.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance.

Contact Details

+ (209) 605-4771

Stockton, CA, USA

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