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Food combining rules provide a simple approach towards eating, based on the way your body digests specific foods. Proper food combining can help improve your digestion and assimilation of nutrients, and may even be helpful for those who have a compromised digestive system, or suffer from digestive disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Many people have also reported weight loss and clear, glowing skin simply by changing the combinations of foods they eat. Understanding food combining rules can also help support the health of your entire gut. When digestive function is slow, food has the opportunity to putrefy and ferment in your digestive tract, which can cause the release of toxins. When food is poorly digested, undigested food particles can also end up in your bloodstream and cause food sensitivities. Undigested food can also feed the “unfriendly” bacteria in your gut, such as yeast, which can result in digestive conditions like candida (Candida Albicans). There are certain foods that combine well together, based on their digest requirements, that improve energy levels, and are designed to help you avoid discomfort from poor digestion. I teach you everything you need to know about food combining rules. We discuss food combing rules, food charts, meal planning, what to expect, & address any concerns or symptoms you have. I support & guide you throughout the entire transformative process. This is a crash course. 2 sessions recommended at minimum.

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