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Goat Milk Infusion Soap Bars

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

I have a farm and I milk my goat. I’ve finally made it here to my dream, owning and running a farm, milking my goat, and crafting goat milk herbal infused soap! That’s my new product line! I’m making a bunch this Sunday. The cinnamon basil will be for bulk tea it will be perfect for headache relief. I will make Calendula and lavender bars for stress relief and safe use for children in the bath specifically for cuts, scrapes and burns. I will also infuse Italian basil bars for headache relief, perfect for a bath. You can follow up with cinnamon basil tea to get that extra stress-relief boost you need. I’ll use essential oils and dried herbs and flowers in the bars as well, for added therapeutic benefits! For skin issues such as psoriasis, rash, acne, bumps, my Rose Infusion Bar decreases symptoms. get your own bar or gift one to someone you love!

To get your own goat milk soap bars, click here!

please support our family business, you are helping our community and farm with every purchase!

Thank you!


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