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Elderberry is the "Mother" Berry

Have you ever wondered how people used to care for their common cold or flu before we started using Dayquil and Nyquil? Cough medicines of any brand or even cough drops

were never readily available to consumers, so what did we used to use?

It used to be that we would go out and collect Elderberries and make a sweet concoction of Elderberries along side fresh ginger root and cinnamon bark. Or even just mixing the berries with fresh raw honey collected from the hives used for pollinating. Things used to be simple and straight to the point!

So what happened to our ability to go out in nature, collect resourced materials, and within an hour have fresh made cold and cough syrup that tastes like Grandma's famous berry pie? I'll tell you a secret about this hidden tradition. It still exists! In fact, many people around the world still practice this method of healing and some of these people are right next door! I spoke to a neighbor of mine, and as it turns out, they also create their own medicine. They use other resources found in nature. You see, medicine is uncomplicated. It's right outside your door! It's all around you. The trick is, you need to know what resources are available to you and how to use it. The beauty of learning how to be a modern day medicine practitioner is that we can hop online and find raw natural resources at wholesale and retail prices!

All you need to know is what to use, how to use it, and the dosage amount!

If you click on this link here, you can out source everything you need in one spot. Mountain Rose Herbs is an amazing herbal shop located in Oregon. I believe in their message and I personally order from them myself.

So, what can Elderberry offer you when you or your family has come down with a cold or cough?

Elderberry, Sambucus nigra, is high in both vitamin A and C, the berries play a key role in the health of the immune system. They contain flavonoids and anthocyanins that are both heart-protective and immune enhancing. The berries themselves contain important antiviral properties! This targets colds and flu and is useful for upper respiratory infections. It is often paired with spices such as ginger root, cinnamon, and cloves to support the immune system.

I use this recipe for my family and we swear by it. Every time my kids come in with a soar throat or cough, I make a batch of Elderberry Syrup. It's done within an hour, it's fresh, it's pure, and it's naturally resourced. It's so easy to make, anyone can do it! In fact, you can teach a child how to do this. My daughter is learning medicine and has been practicing learning the properties of each ingredient. She can probably sell it better than I can!

Want to make your own? Grab your ingredients here. Or buy my mix here. With every purchase you are supporting our family owned farm and you will receive 2 bonuses, my personal recipe and dosage information! Check out our Etsy shop at Tulsi Sweet for our Elderberry Syrup Mix along with the 2 bonuses with each purchase.

You won't be fighting a 5-7 day cold or flu. When you use this the moment you feel cold and flu symptoms or your child complains of aches and pains, make this syrup and start ingesting! Not only does it taste way better than the Allopathic version, (I never liked the taste of over-the-counter cough medicine anyway), but you'll be begging to take more than you need, and that's okay because it's safe and won't make you drowsy! It's also known to curb your symptoms within a couple days before the cold or flu hits you hard. You don't need to be an Einstein or a Hippocrates to do this at home. It's safe and you can find information at The American Botanical Council.

Elderberry is my "Mother" when I feel under the weather, I mean yes, I am a medicine woman and I Mother many people and animals through natural medicine, but sometimes I need a Mother too!

To learn more check out my YouTube video on natural medicine, which includes Elderberry!


Health begins at home.

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