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COVID-19 Top 8 Defenses Against Viruses

I’ve been asked so many times about what I do for my family as far as health in regards to COVID-19.

My answer is always the same for any virus. When going natural there is no resistance against pathogens. Herbs and other natural remedies do not create superbugs and repels the bug or kills it. All viruses react the same, even the new ones. So, to answer this question is basically what I do for common colds, flu, whether dealing with bacterias or viruses.

My number one defense against any health problems is building immunity and preserving it. How do we do this at home?

1. We eat clean, everyday, and when we don’t, it’s not a big deal, our bodies are fed high quality nutrition so much that our system can handle the occasional food product whether it’s organic or not. This builds a high immunity, which becomes the number one line of defense against any pathogen.

2. We dowse ourselves in essential oils almost daily. We use the oils that are appropriate. We do this 365, we do it for anything and everything, even to just smell the aroma of a plant for uplifting our mood. I use diffusers or direct application. For viruses, oregano essential oil is proven to combat ANY virus, including COVID-19. Oreganol is a brand I recommend.

3. Colloidal Silver. We use 10ppm, the safest dose for anyone. Anytime we are exposed to someone who is sick, we change the dosage amount to 25ppm or higher. Be responsible and take probiotics simultaneously when using anything above 20ppm. You want to replace the healthy gut bacteria lost from C.Silver potent side effects. I recommend a probiotic made by Genestra Brands. You can purchase Colloidal Silver directly from me. I make my own silver and any part per million that you and I desire. Link at the bottom of this post.

4. Vitamin C. Take a shit load, and adult can take up to 5000mg a day.

5. Probiotics. Take capsules or powders, either works. Include them in your diet as well, kefir, Greek yogurt, sauerkraut, kombucha. Be cautious of how much you consume. A tablespoon a day is more than enough. Be aware too that some probiotics, like those found in kombucha and sauerkraut can have negative effects on your nervous system, monitor how your body reacts. Capsules and powders are perfectly safe and you have nothing to worry about. Go this route if you want to be safe.

6. Herbal teas. Have fun, drink tea everyday. This builds your immune system. I also sell herbal blends, you can check out my shop or message me for a special blend that I can formulate for your specific needs. We drink tea so much, plain, sometimes with cream and honey, it doesn’t matter how you dress it up, but if you consume this everyday, choose high quality organic ingredients. Remember that anything sprayed with pesticides or blends that include additives does not build your immune system and is counterproductive to meeting that goal.

7. Use natural products as much as possible. Applying chemicals on your body is a health trap. It’s counterproductive because your body is working hard to eliminate the toxins that come with chemical based products. Your body is working around the clock trying to excrete these toxins through your skin in the form of perspiration, urine, your liver and kidneys are all working hard trying to push that stuff out. This takes energy away from your immune system and decreases its ability to perform under regular situations like trying to fight off a cold or virus. Treat your body with high quality ingredients so your body is ready to fight when you need it to.

8. De stress any way that you can, spend time out in nature, play board games with loved ones and nurture your body. Exercise, dance, walk a dog (yes borrow the neighbors if you have to), swim, just get yourself moving. And stay away from toxic people, choose to invite people in your life that to not disrupt your rhythms, but enhance them. This is one we don’t take seriously. But it’s A HUGE DEAL. Why? Because it effects your mood, your energy, your decision making process, and makes you vulnerable to toxic situations. Every single one of these situations becomes part of a trauma in your story that reinforces itself. It then becomes how you perceive the world and yourself. So when I say nurture yourself, I’m talking about this (I don’t mean have a salon day but yeah that’s nice too).

Always talk to your health care provider before starting any protocol. My disclaimer.

I hope this is helpful to anyone out there and melts some fears surrounding the issue.

COVID-19 is a virus that behaves like a virus. By April it will have lived its course and we can all move past this pandemic. Empower yourself and your family by building your immune system.

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