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Spirituality Is A Right, Not A Privilege.

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

You don't have to be vegan, or a monk, or a world leader to be connected to other high vibrational energies and tap into your higher state of connection.

Let me clarify why diet & spirituality are catalysts to enlightenment, but are not guaranteed. Why claiming that any one diet or spiritual practice does not indicate or promise enlightenment. Diet & Spirituality are to be used as a tool, not a weapon. Those who claim that a specific diet or practice is the ticket to the promise land is merely using it as a weapon, as a form of fear mongering and to market their specific agenda. I have no problem with having a sense of pride associated with any diet or lifestyle, however, my problem is with the ideologies that one way is the only way. Enlightenment is a right, not a membership. The power lies in how you utilize your tools and the convictions you associate with holding to self integrity throughout the process.

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Cleansing & Lifestyle Modalities: Cleanses are beneficial for the body. You shed toxins and weight unnecessary for the body to function optimally. Cleanses can be done on different time scales, but always a short term time scale. This ensures safety and prevented degeneration of the body. Over-cleansing can compromise the body’s ability to function and respond accurately to body, mind, and spiritual stresses/messages. It creates an imbalance if abused or over used. Cleansing should be understood thoroughly before diving in to any of the many modalities that exist and should be chosen by individual needs. Cleansing Modalities: Juicing Fasting Water Fasting Dry Fasting Vegan Diet Mono Diet Steam Bath Sauna I want to also address Diet as a Lifestyle: Choosing a diet as a lifestyle is essential to every individuals needs. This needs to be a diet & lifestyle that encourages regeneration of the body. To do this optimally, you have to integrate two things: 1. Cleansing Modality 2.Alternate Between at least 2 different GKI (Glucose Ketone Index) Diets The purpose behind integrating these two is that: 1. Cleansing needs to be a normal part of life, but it should not become a lifestyle, just an element of it. Environmental, emotional, mental, and spiritual toxins are always a factor affecting our health and our ability to function optimally. Therefore, no matter how amazing you eat, there are always inner and outer circumstances compromising your health. Cleanses are designed for this, and aids the body back to balance. 2. Alternating between different GKI diets so that you remain in a state of balance is essential. Doing one type of lifestyle diet can over-exhaust and stress the body. Certain Macros can change the way your body responds on a physiological level. Understanding which diets does what is important to know and can be used as a tool working for you rather that a weapon against you. There are two ways your body responds to foods, your either burning glucose or burning ketones. The Glucose Ketone Index (GKI) monitors the state of your metabolic health. Or simply put, it determines or measures the level of function in every cell of your body. Choosing a diet and lifestyle that determines your metabolic health has to be approached in balance or it can be detrimental to stress levels causing degenerative responses. Choosing to alternate between glucose burning mode or ketone burning mode creates balance and mitigates that stress.

To learn more about diet and cleanses, click here. Glucose Ketone Index Diet Categories: Ketone Diets:

Ketogenic Diet Low Carb Diet Glucose Diets:

Paleo Diet Vegetarian Diet Gluten-Free Diet

Carb Heavy Diet Whichever diet as a lifestyle is right for you, balance can be achieved by alternating a ketone or glucose dominant diet by integrating the opposite once a month or 3 days to a week (for starters). If you learn to bio hack, you can tailor these diets best proportioned to your individual needs. I like starting out with the 80/20 rule to begin and adjusting it as you become body intelligent. I also love following the seasons by eating whats in season, it takes the guess work out and simplifies it for me. You do what works for you. Overview: Choosing a cleanse to compliment a diet and lifestyle is important. Pairing the two mitigates environmental, emotional, mental, and spiritual stressors. Remembering to alternate your diet by choosing between the two categories of either ketone burning or glucose burning mode is essential to finding balance. Cleansing once a week or once a month is something you need to find what’s best for you. In my experience, you begin more intensely with these cycles as you gain more experience, your body will not need cleanses as often and you will be able to comfortably switch between glucose and ketone burning diets with ease. Creating balance is what ultimately leads to a healthy body, mind, and spirit. There is no wrong way or one way to do this, embracing these 3 areas is a good measure as to how to balance the totality of what makes up your vibration and health and how to preserve it. Spirituality: There is so much controversy surrounding how spiritually is measured by our diet and lifestyle choices. I want to simply clear the air about this, being spiritual and becoming enlightened has more to do with the individual experience aligning towards a state of mind and vibration that works in tandem with the masculine and feminine energy as a union. You do not have to be a part of a special diet or spiritual practice that will take you to the promise land. Keep in mind that finding your authentic self is part of choosing the most beneficial diet and spiritual practice for you. Those that are aligned to self integrity and for your specific path. Spirituality is a right, not a privilege. You are the only person that knows what will bring you to enlightenment, do not allow fear mongering dictate what you should eat or practice.

If you need more guidance to how to find your path for higher connection and which diets, cleanses, and spiritual practice your higher calling grants you, we can work together one on one by clicking here.

Anna Arguello

Health begins at home.


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