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Self-Awareness Part II: Do You Seek to Strengthen Intuition?

Intuition & the Role as the Creator

What does it mean to operate from the state of the creator? Without knowing it, you are acknowledging responsibility for your experiences. This does not excuse undesired experiences or outcomes, but rather, it transmutes the frequencies of these experiences and outcomes through creative expression. Creative expression can be defined as action through mindfulness, intention, self-awareness, and intuition. With the state of the creator dominating our vibration, it enables us to access our natural ability to shift from undesired experiences into desired experiences. We are no longer blocked or limited from the frequencies that arise from a state of victimhood when operating from the state of the creator. Challenges are something all of us will go through, no matter how self-aware we are, it’s not the antidote to ceasing adversities, however, it is a place that knows how to transmute them into higher states of frequencies. Shaping them into a state that brings us a sense of peace within, even in times it appears that it is without. What connects us to shifting from an undesired to a desired vibration is adopting a practice that encourages self-expression and operating from a state of integrity. Self-awareness is something that most of us have no idea how to tap into, yet it lives within us and is something we need to activate through a practice. A practice that supports a lifelong journey to learning about self-awareness is as unique as there are ideas. Every journey is unique to every individual and every practice has no end. As we grow and evolve, so does our practice, and there is no limit to what that can look like. There is no one way, and every way possible expands and changes on its own as we discover creative ways to express ourselves. However, there are guidelines you can use to help you get started or integrate into an already existing practice. Before we talk about these guidelines, let’s first discuss why it’s important to understand more about how we speak to the Universe through our thoughts and actions and how this shapes our practice.

Our thoughts and actions shape the outcome of our experiences. It’s important to know how it is that we do that in our day-to-day lives. The more in control you want to be in your life, then the more you will need to consistently integrate a self-awareness practice. Mindful thinking helps us make choices out of integrity, reflecting on action and reaction are things you will have to find time to stop, think, and wait for. By doing this, you are listening to the Universe and then responding to the Universe in ways that are serving to both you and those energies involved. This is where the magic happens, this is how you influence the energies around you that reflect your inner-world. Self-integrity is key to having more freedom in your ability to transform any given situation or thought, which is in the vibration of mindful living. It is mindfulness in your actions and reactions that overtime will strengthen intuition and create inner-peace. This can be empowering and validate our worthiness. How many times have you wished you could have changed an undesired outcome? Having the ability to influence energies that are serving is something that happens naturally as you master your practice, it is a natural state of Being and we are all masters at creating it once you put in the time and practice within and throughout. Your ability to discern when something is serving or not serving you and acting according to your integrity can be difficult to do at first, but eventually it becomes second nature. It won’t feel like a practice anymore and will become an intuitive process. Keep in mind that becoming an intuitive master has nothing to do with ceasing adversities all together, life happens, it’s about becoming a master at solving adversities through the inner-knowingness of acting out of integrity and sustaining inner-peace.

Imbalances & the Role as the Creator

Having imbalances in your emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual body takes away your power to execute creative ideas that allow for self-expression and co-creation. Anytime we are at an imbalance and have not integrated a practice to help us realign our self, we become blocked and lack the ability to apply ourselves to the fullest potential. Any time we take time away from fully integrating self-awareness because our attention is challenged with facing imbalances, or in practical terms adversities, we compromise our ability to act out of integrity. Our focus becomes more about solving problems we don’t know how to solve, because our center has been compromised by body, mind, & spiritual imbalances. This makes it difficult to live our lives to the fullest and hinders our ability to tune into our emotional guidance system because of distress and burdens causing major intuitive fog. Our emotional guidance system brings clarity to our state of wellness, but with major imbalances, this guidance system can feel muddled without the tools and knowledge that help us discern what needs to change. Using these tools and knowledge strengthens intuition and exercising this practice will guide you throughout life, no matter the challenges that may arise. Without this practice, you will continue to experience the cycle you are in over-and-over again, nothing will change, and if neglected for too long, your situation can worsen. Learning to make mindful choices through a self-awareness practice is key to influencing your experience into alignment and will mitigate the course of history you fall pattern to. Getting to know your emotional guidance system is the first connection you must build to practice self-awareness. Getting to know the emotions associated with the role of the victim and the role of the creator will help you begin this process.

How to Use the Emotional Guidance System

Let’s look at the emotions associated with these two vibrations. Note, that these are just to name a few, but I want you to look within yourself and find other emotions that describe your personal journey with self to get a clear and personalized idea of what you are experiencing. It is possible to experience emotions from both vibrations. It is important to keep in mind that some emotions feel stronger than others. Those that feel stronger or are more consistent than the others are dominating emotions, or energy channels, that dictate your state of vibration. These dominating energies are signs that you are operating in that vibration throughout many areas in your life, or specific areas in your life. Take special notice to which emotions are associated with specific areas in your life to help you clearly see what areas need to be addressed. The dominating emotions are signs from your emotional guidance system signaling to you that the area you made a connection to needs to be dealt with differently. Your approach to this area in your life is not serving you, and changing your approach or perspective is imperative if you want to align your emotion to a serving one.

The first and second columns both address emotions associated with the role of the victim and creator. Which emotions are you experiencing?

Column 1.









Column 2.









The list below shows different areas in life that are connected to the emotions you are experiencing. Which area(s) in your life are associated with the emotions you are experiencing?

Areas in Life

Self-Boundaries, Thoughts, Self-Care

Relationships-Family, Love-Life, Friends, Animals, Nature, Money, Objects, etc.

Work-Co-Workers, Customers, Clients, Patients, Tasks, Ethics, etc.

School-Education, Teachers & Faculty, Colleagues, System, Campus/University, etc.

Social-Outings, Settings, People, Groups, One-on-One, etc.

Health & Wellness-Diet, Exercise, Meditation, Practice/Routine, etc.

Misc.-Travel, Volunteer, Hobbies, Extra-Curricular Activities, Other

Take extra time to reflect when making these connections. It is important to really know what emotions are connected to specific areas in our life. This will help you bridge exactly where you need to focus action and reaction to create life changing choices that are serving and in alignment. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes though, that is bound to happen, keep an open mind, and use those mistakes to make incremental judgments towards the best outcomes possible. If you do make a mistake and choose an action or a reaction that is not serving, you will experience the same or another undesired emotion. This is not a reflection of inadequacy, but your emotional guidance system signaling a message that change still needs nurturing. Your job is to listen and create plan B, or C, or D, etc. Don’t give up! The more you listen and practice, the more accurate your listening becomes, and overtime, the easier it is to respond with great results. Eventually this practice becomes second nature and intuition becomes a clear life guide.

This is how we use intuition, and this is how you strengthen it. Practicing these changes that can feel like you are making incremental moves is how we become more intuitive over time. This is the ultimate practice for Mastering Intuition, (more on this topic in a later article). This is called the emotional guidance system, our intuition, our gut instinct, our guide in life, in choices, in finding inner peace. Becoming self-aware is a practice that requires mindfulness and intention, a practice that recognizes our emotional guidance system as a guide that helps us discern between changing our experience, our perspective, or both.

If you want to become the master of your inner world, understanding how we speak to the Universe is crucial. Becoming self-aware is only the beginning, learning how to ask the Universe for experiences we desire can be confusing and discourage our practice if we attempt to ask for specific outcomes before we are ready to integrate ourselves. I encourage Level I: Practice Self-Awareness before we enter Level II: Mastering Intuition. Mastering Intuition will lead to Level III: Mindful Conversations with the Universe. I want to clearly communicate that we can speak to the Universe directly, asking for specific experiences, specific outcomes, and transmuting frequencies and vibrations through the guidance of the Universe. However, to upgrade to this vibration, we must first learn Self-Awareness. We must align ourselves through practice and patience before we can move from a practice of self-awareness to a practice of mastering intuition. These are guidelines for practicing self-awareness in and I will introduce Mastering Intuition and Mindful Conversations with the Universe in sub-sequent blogs. I plan to share pieces of information on each level in my blog and offer services for anyone interested in personal guidance for each level. I hope the information has helped you understand that you can be in control of your life and taking this information has ignited a flame worth exploring.


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