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Got Sodium Bicarbonate? (Aka Baking Soda!!)

If you're not familiar with how powerful and healing this chemical compound is, let me break it down for you!!

Vichy, France:

A little history before we get started here. Have you ever heard of Vichy Spring Waters? Water got a lot of hype in the town of Vichy, France. After WWII, many had discovered the powerful healing properties of their spring water, but it was the Romans who exploited their water first. Later, in the 1850’s-1870’s, during the time Napoleon III was in rule, he had claimed that one visit to Vichy and treatment with their mineral water cured his digestive tract. I bring all this up for a fun reason, but also because I have had the privilege to visit the town of Vichy in my early 20's where I had first learned about the importance of mineral spring water. I also had the pleasure of tasting this sulfur flavored water! Although the taste was never as pleasant as the bottled and filtered water I was used to, it held the vibration of healing and cleansing that I had always been drawn to.

So, what makes this water so healing and popular? It’s the high amounts of sodium bicarbonate and other alkaline salt minerals naturally occurring in the springs. The compounds in sodium bicarbonate regulates blood pH and increases high levels of oxygen to cells. So, it’s no wonder why Vichy water is healing and is now known as "The Queen of Spas". Today, the town is famous for its spas and health facilities. The alkaline salts present in this water is what makes it a healing tool, and why visitors around the world travel a distance to reap the benefits. If you have the opportunity to visit Vichy, taste the water for yourself, you will be able to taste these minerals and the alkaline flavor it’s popular for. In the meantime, add ½ teaspoon of baking soda to a couple of ounces of water and drink up daily! Don’t like the taste of it?...add a drop of therapeutic grade essential oil of your choosing to give it flavor!

Sodium Bicarbonate Breakdown:

Bicarbonate is present in all body fluids and organs. It plays a major role in the maintaining the balance between the alkaline and acidic state of our body, which determines our overall health. Bicarbonate deficiencies equals less oxygen delivered to cells. Without sufficient amounts of oxygen to cell composition, illness arises. Oxygen makes up 65% of body mass, making this element an important part of cell regeneration. The key to staying healthy is focusing your intention on maintaining healthy cells. Consuming baking soda daily not only alkalizes blood pH, but it delivers the high amounts of oxygen that’s needed to help maintain healthy cells. In turn, your body can combat cell mutation or deformation with other holistic healing methods, that can prevent or treat chronic illnesses, such as cancer.

On a lighter note, for acute ailments or symptoms, sodium bicarbonate is a wonderful and inexpensive option. Ever have indigestion? Acid reflux? Have a dose of baking soda in water and let it do its magic! Sodium bicarbonate neutralizes stomach acids and is a wonderful pain reliever and gas reducer for such ailments. Not convinced? Go ahead and give it a shot yourself! I would love to hear your feedback and if you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Spiritually Speaking:

The vibration of anything that sustains life is equal to the vibration of creation and evolution. Therefore, plants and everything that makes up for it is at a high frequency. That includes minerals. Sodium bicarbonate plays a key role with oxygen, and as we all know that without oxygen is without life. Embracing this gift from source is being in gratitude of it. The offering is also abundant in our world today at such an inexpensive rate and without much time or effort needed to take it.....and for a reason. Let us tune into the miracles of this mineral that our creator has made so abundant and easily accessible. A sign and validation that baking soda is more than just a refrigerator freshener, it's a fundamental regenerator💜

So, drink up daily! 1/2 a teaspoon to a couple of ounces of water will do the trick❤️

Stay neutral my friends!

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