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Empathy Control & Recognition

How to discern your stuff from theirs.

Where to begin! Well just like any ascension process begins with Self, so does empathy recognition. When we think of Empaths, we think of someone feeling someone else's emotions. This is true, but we often forget that sometimes we are also tuning into energies coming from the Spirit World. It's important to note that empathy control and recognition doesn't begin with understanding whose energy is coming in or where the energy is coming from. The key to empathy control and recognition begins with how deeply you understand yourself. To recognize and control empathic abilities, is to practice Self-Mastery. Self-Awareness and discipline are guides to understanding the energies you are made up of and those that surround you.

1. Observation of Self is key. The Art of Self.

Every day, before your day begins, sit with yourself for a moment and be aware of the state you are in. Take notes on your feelings, if you're rested, excited, down, fearless, angry, etc. Keep track of this on paper, you can place a pen and notepad on your nightstand to help you with this process. You can also do this before bed. This will help you get to know yourself and help you realign any feelings that are not serving you. This exercise will also help you understand if you need more grounding, cognitive therapy, psychological guidance, or just a clear picture of your moods to further assist this empathy control and recognition exercise. Take any actions necessary to re-align yourself in whatever matter needed.

2.Recognize Triggers. The Art of Recognition.

When you're going about your day, begin to take notes on your reactions towards people and experiences. Ask yourself if you reacted according to your most serving desires or if you reacted according to an unknown stimulus? Sometimes we react under pressure and let the best get to us, if this is your case, ask yourself how would have I preferred to react? This is the key indicator to empathy. When you react out of character, you are reacting to a feeling or feelings that are not yours or are not coming from self-integrity. Remember, being empathic is not only reading other human emotions, it is also reading energies from the spirit world. If you can catch this under the radar when it happens, then you can mindfully react in any future circumstance with self-integrity and with much practice. It may take time to get there, but the most important thing is to become aware of your triggers. Your triggers are any reactions you have that make you feel anything but good.

3.Mindfully React. The Art of Control.

Take the time every day to have mind over matter. You know your experience best, so paint a quick picture of what you're expecting throughout your day, then let go of those expectations. Tell yourself that you will change the outcome of your expectations by having the intention to react differently. If you have a difficult time with reacting more in alignment with yourself, always give yourself permission to get back to a reaction when you are ready to react. Tell the person or people involved that you will get back to them later and give them the reaction you have intentionally thought out clearly when it comes to you. In an experience that only involves yourself, give yourself permission to excuse yourself from making any reactions until you have mindfully thought one out. The more you practice this exercise, the more naturally your reactions will come to you that are aligned and delivered on the spot. Once you master this exercise, you will clearly be able recognize and control all emotions and energies that surround you.

Quick Overview

There are multi layers of things that take place when discerning empathy, these 3 steps take time, but it will clearly help you discern empathy and opening the doors to controlling your abilities. Everyone is different in how to read these energy exchanges and how to control your ability, however, these are the 3 steps that will help you get there.

1. Observe Self.

2.Recognize your triggers.

3. Mindfully React.

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