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Are you struggling to feel balanced during the Consciousness Shift?

During this time of energetic shifting, a lot of us experienced amplified symptoms that have echoed our past struggles. After November 11th passed, most of us still experienced those dreading symptoms. A pool of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual symptoms and downloads. What about those crazy dreams we’ve all been having? Super confusing right!?! However, the purpose is one that has elevated our consciousness to new levels, and for some of us is still unclear on what that is. For those of you who are still in the dark about what exactly was downloaded for you and what your symptoms meant or mean, I have a tip to help you connect to the wisdom you seek.

What can I do to feel balanced again?

Let go of overthinking and analyzing what your symptoms meant and what downloads you were blessed with. Spending more time in your Crown or Third Eye is overstimulating during a time when these shifts are occurring. These shifts operate primarily from those two Chakras. So spending more time trying to tap into those energy fields may feel like a struggle and frustrating. It also causes an imbalance in our energy field when we neglect our other Chakras. So instead of over focusing your energy in those areas that have intensified energy being directed that way already, come back into your body and engage your energy there. The balancing act will surprise you, give it a try!

How do I come back into my Body?

With the shift we tend to float in the upper Chakras, but to juggle this balancing act is to do the opposite...weigh yourself down into the lower Chakras and practice keeping your focus there. Pick any lower Chakra that you feel drawn to or have neglected. Maybe the Root Chakra for grounding energy is a good start if you need a suggestion. You can connect to the natural world by going on nature walks, shifting your diet more to plant based, or listening to guided meditations about grounding to Earth. I chose my Sacral, the Chakra of creativity. I decided to engage in creative activities that are of this physical realm. I’m decorating and baking and going out on some fun day trips. Nothing too fancy, but in the pleasure of enjoying the physical realm in ways that excite my inner child. Instead of focusing my energy on reading into the vibrations of my downloads and symptoms, I’ve acknowledged my curiosity for them, but I made the intention to focus on that at a later time...and allowing for any energetic information to come through me organically instead of seeking it (because from my personal experience, this was giving me energetic headaches). I intuitively knew to let it ride out on its own, when I have completed my transition into this new shift and knowing that I could resume my metaphysical journey on an intentional level after my energy grounds-when these things will make more sense anyway.

This gentle approach allows for balancing my Sacral Chakra, which will need activation and grounding as to allow me to tap into my creative guided energy. With the new shift comes new inspired ideas and finding creative solutions to act upon them will be coming directly from my Sacral and the importance of aligning that Chakra feels aligned to my next move in the 4 & 5D. These energies are meant to bring the brain, heart, body, and spirit into a balanced harmonic state, which is our natural state of being. The mind is a construct of limiting belief systems. It’s a set of programming, or conditioning. The mind prevents the access of the heart, and the integration of these energies. The mind is the cause for fear, pain, and suffering, which conflicts with the heart. One must let go of the mind completely, and solely flow from the Heart, to integrate these energies and experience Unity Consciousness. It's about feeling, not thinking. It is self-preserving and extremely healing when focusing on balancing your physical experience with your spiritual shift. Finding which Chakra or Chakras will need attention in the present can help you with where you’re going in the new dimension. This is a preservation technique, allowing the energy within to find balance and purpose for what is to come.

These intentions and attempts to balance help to align the metaphysical density we are experiencing with our ascension process. It is a frequency of letting resistance go, while welcoming the new that we are adjusting and without questioning the energies at work. Allowing these energies to work organically through you, embracing the challenges while giving attention to Chakras that are over or under active.

Indulge in what brings you balance and go back to your spiritual endeavors after the tide has passed, if it has become too overwhelming. The balancing act will be surprising and rewarding!

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