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Transmuting Challenges through Meditation

Transmuting a Challenging Moment with my Daughter:

Scarlett was frustrated during writing when she approached her letter e and f during one of our homeschooling assignments. Well things got rough for her, but fortunately I have been teaching her about the benefits of meditation. When we become angry or frustrated, it can be a beneficial practice. During this moment, she quickly grabbed crystals and cards, (I lit some incense and a candle), and sat down to meditate. She placed a crystal in her... head and two others in each hand, (she watches me).

Anyhow, We have been learning about how mediation grounds us and keeps us calm, protected, and loved. I reminded her of that when she did this. She listened to me and loved this activity as an alternative solution for transmuting her frustration. After this, she came back to her workbook and showed perseverance.

As for Danny, he loves smudging and came around us to give us a cleanse. He didn't realize he was doing all of this, but he copies what I do and enjoyed mimicking mommy. 🙏

Spirit & Life Guidance:

I can't stress how important it is for children to find a calmer way of approaching ungrounded emotions. Teaching about connecting to self in any creative way for a child is something they can carry with them throughout their entire life. I encourage any of you who can teach this to children to begin through example, and showing them more ways to creatively transmute frustration or any emotion that causes imbalances. Alternatively, teaching then how to find solutions to any challenge they face so they are working on themselves as a whole being. Keeping body, mind, and spirit in mind as complementary therapies is key to successfully guiding their own ability to transmute any experience they go through.

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