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How to Discern when a Psychic is Right for You


First, I want to address the malpractice of channeling. There are psychics flooding our spiritual communities left and right. Most of them claim they can channel higher beings/self. This is just a claim. How do you really know they can actually channel your higher self or theirs? Who's to say they can or can not?

Nobody...not even them. When it comes to seeking a psychic who can clearly channel, there is no real measure you can use. Mainly it's intuition, or gut instinct, or ravishing reviews. There's know way to tell them apart. I want to remind all of you that psychics come in every form. We all have abilities whether we are enlightened or not, we all have access to channeling. Psychopaths have access to these abilities.....and they use them. So for people to trust someone just because they can channel is ignorance, not all of us have had the luxury of being well informed about this topic. Education in this department is needed and this is why I feel it's crucial to share my insights about malpractice.

People are miss lead and tons of psychics are pretending to be consciously practicing. They can tap in and channel whatever they claim, and sometimes, they too are being mislead about who is coming in. Sometimes they claim they are higher beings, sometimes they don't know what they're doing and claim that they do know because they lack self awareness and higher self connection. Some by accident and some intentional. Some practice this professionally and have tons of clients. Are you one of those clients? Are you one of those psychics? Channeling does not automatically mean they are consciously practicing. It does not mean they are even enlightened. Just because you can channel, does not indicate they are conscious and enlightened.....And just because you can't channel does not indicate that you are not conscious and enlightened. Don't put psychics on a pedestal and make them out to be special or above others. Stop believing psychics are better than you in this never ending journey to expansion. We all have abilities whether we are enlightened or not, we all have access. Channeling is in no way the measure of pure intuition, and in some cases can be the opposite.

People are miss lead and tons of psychics are pretending to be consciously practicing. Some are, but only to the extent of their own beliefs, conditions, and limitations. Some with amazing intention too, non-the-less, carried by their own filters and translations. These psychics are practicing with good intention, just keep in mind that they deliver only a translation of what you can decipher within your own beliefs, conditions, and limitations. Be wise in your choice of psychics and don't believe everything they say just because they said it. Another thing to keep in mind is how many times have we heard that awakened psychics have gone bad? Some of them have due to excessive channeling with the absence or decrease of higher-self maintenance and practice. Exposing their vulnerable state to channels unknown. Some on purpose for the purpose of power and some on accident by default of lacking practice in the department of self-preservation.

Whatever the reason behind the intention of the psychic, the messages leads to a compromised frequency-or message. If you are going into a reading with a psychic, your higher-self interest will be compromised to a degree, because your highest delivered messages will only come from within. For those of you who have not mastered self-guidance and you seek the advice from a psychic, know that you are agreeing to compromising guidance, because of these filters and translations. Also remember to take what they say and do your very best to re-filter and re-translate their messages. Be cautious of who you deem worthy, take your time, and never rush into a reading. Take a look at how your psychic of choice lives their life. That is a huge indicator as to how pure and grounded they are. If they live chaotically, know that they are in the frequency of chaos. That frequency definitely leaks into their readings. Judgment is crucial and can be a gift if you know how to use it wisely. Learn to judge purely, from a balanced point of perspective.

Just to clarify I love a great psychic reading and I'm 100% for them...when practiced clearly and from higher self. It's a beautiful gift! I'll also add this is not to scare anyone from seeking a great psychic, they are everywhere, it's a message to remind you to be extra cautious. Sometimes we get so excited to do readings that our natural high for a reading tends to override a thorough investigation on the journey to choosing one that is aligned to our highest good. If you go through a reading and are not sure of the message, just sit with self and re-evaluate the message as best as you can. You don't have to believe all of it and you can also ask higher self to re-translate the message that serves your highest good. Some psychics have great intentions and their message just gets lost in translation through the filtration system that we have all been gifted with. Don't interpret their ability with mal-practice, it's tough translating messages. If you ever need to question their interpretation, you can ask yourself if the messages were translated with love or fear. You will have to be the judge and if you're unsure, you can always put away the messages for later use until you fully understand where they came from.

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