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How to Activate Your Crown Chakra Through Creativity

Higher Self Connection and Creativity

The importance of creativity is part of the process for intuitive connection, or higher self connection. Did you know that the most creative individuals have access to spirit messages and guidance without even knowing or trying? Some are unaware of this and receive divine guidance and easily dismiss it because they are unfamiliar with the connection. That could be you. Are you already receiving messages, but don't have the ear to listen? Need help? Click here for guidance.

I've noticed that there's something that happens to me every time I create, whether I'm sewing, painting, writing, refurbishing, interior designing, baking, cooking, medicine making, farming, gardening etc. the list goes on. I'm a born again artist, I have always been an artist, I have always been in my own zone.

Every time I create, I immediately connect to my Higher-Self. Or God, or Source, or however you describe it to yourself. I immediately open my crown Chakra and begin on a spiritual journey through conversations, inspired ideas, epiphanies, guidance of any sort as I'm engaged in my artistic endeavors. And it trickles down throughout the day and into the week, depending on how far I want to go and how connected I want to stay.

Art or any form of creativity is where the magic happens, this is where you immediately enter the frequency of higher connection. Meaning, you receive guidance within that are of the most benefit to you and your life in this moment. I mean, who wouldn't want their own inner guru to show them secret to living your most purposeful life? Click here for a card reading to see if you are connecting or are in need of connection.

This is where you become aligned to connect with spirit, this becomes your frequency in the moment. We all have the ability to reach this frequency at any given moment, with much practice, however, to begin this journey, all you need to do is engage in creating what you love and desire the most and do it consciously. Understand that how you engage is key.

Have a mindful approach, carefully craft your art, do it deliberately. Mindlessly engaging in anything leaves out an important equation.....deliberation. When you first begin you will have to discipline yourself to really understand the process. Once you have this down, you will be able to engage freely, without trying or following any rules, because you will have mastered this practice and it will become one with your nature.

Just like with Shamanism, you need a guide to help you through a journey unknown. You need a series of tasks and questions that need to be asked along the journey so that you don't get derailed or lost. It's always important to begin any quest with guidance. Eventually you become your own shaman and you will have crafted the power to self guide. Need guidance? Let's get on a free call to see if we are right for one another.

This process not only helps you engage in creativity, it goes beyond that. It deepens your connection to self and creates space for this frequency to move in and throughout you, creating heightened awareness and a stronger intuition. .....And the more you do it, the more you become in its presence all the time, or at least most of the time. Even when you're not engaged in these activities. That's right, you eventually get to a place where you no longer have to create to connect. The connection is automatic, no matter what you are doing. Keep in mind that having self integrity is what bonds this bridge. Staying body, mind, and spirit connected is what truly holds the glue together.

The more you engage, the more connected you become, and the more instant your frequency shifts into this inner connection that allows you to receive guided messages. And the more you do it, the more automatic, or instant, this connection becomes.

Creating in your heart space is a form of meditation, research shows that you enter the Theta state of consciousness when you 'lose', (I like to say 'find'), yourself within the process of creating.

Do you need help figuring out what hobbies interest you? A hobby is an art form, if it is what you love, start there. If you need help finding out which creative projects you can engage in, let's work together here.

I'm in this vibration constantly, everyday, I can share wisdom with you about this because I Am this. I created a lifestyle around this, so I have naturally aligned to higher self connection instantly and automatically. I can connect, listen and receive messages everywhere I go, no matter what I'm doing.

It goes deep too. Deeper than engaging in a hobby or get artistic. The bigger message here is deliberately create. Meaning, if you can deliberately create your whole life, you are the artist of life. If you create career space with intention, if you create romance with intention, if you create a family life, a social life, community, even material things with and on purpose, you are creating deliberately. If you are passionate about these purposeful actions, then you are mastering enlightenment, inner wisdom, intuitive power, the shaman within, you have mastered opening the Crown Chakra.

Begin with hobbies, begin small, then expand into every area of your life. I can show you how. Click here for this guidance.

Don't get stuck trying every book or trick trying to find self, all it takes is to deliberate create.

I have the tools to guide you too, so don't hesitate to get connected to my guidance. I can show you how, the same way I taught myself.

Connection is not supposed to feel like a struggle, it is natural, it flows organically through each and every one of us. That is the true essence of our nature. It is not a struggle. If you feel you are struggling to connect, it's a symptom of emotional misguidance. Emotional intelligence is something you can refine and is something needed to reconnect to your intuition, but without it leads to misguidance and disconnect. Learn more here for gaining emotional intelligence. Let me know and we can discuss this for free on a 25 minute call. I want to help.

Our natural rhythm is connection, are you rhythmically connected? Is your Crown Chakra open to receive life guidance from your higher self?

The art of deliberately creating a life you desire starts with you and expands at your Crown Chakra. You can make it happen.

Anna Arguello

Health begins at home.

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