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Teach Children How to Become the Best Version of Themselves

Learning To Love Yourself is How You Teach Others to Love Themselves

Parenting is not easy. Am I right?

As parents we ask ourselves one thing not to do....don't fuck this up! But what about asking ourselves how to do that?

Figuring out what a child is most interested in is the secret to helping them unfold their inner truth. It's not about creating what we think they should become, but what they would ask of themselves to become if their adult-self was talking to their childhood-self. Parenting them with principals and discipline is an important role, but guiding them to embrace their inner-self is one most parents often forget about and one most parents don't know how to do.

The Modern Day & Parenting Roulette:

Losing yourself in this rat race, or this game of parenting roulette, is a modern day pressure that overlooks this crucial factor in helping raise a happy person. So how do we raise a happy person? Well one important question to ask yourself is, 'Am I happy?'. How happy you are is a frequency. Regardless of what you teach, that frequency becomes a part of theirs. Learn yourself to become happy, and teach that, by simply being that. Yeah I know lots of work. Well here's a start....Overstimulation is the modern day enemy, don't allow them [society] to take that power away from your parenting abilities. Stop over stimulating yourself. Learn to create with what you've got. Own that! Then do that for your children. Make the time to create scenarios for your child to explore their world away from technology, away from materialism. Help them create from scratch and stop overstimulating them. They get enough of that away from home. No one will care for yours the way that you would...or could...or should. If they go to school or daycare....they will overstimulate them. So when they are home, don't give them more of that. As adults, they will become their own little inventive creators if you create ways for them to explore that component of who they are instead of ignoring their abilities with the vibration of over stimulation. They will naturally own and learn to become deliberate creators, which opens the doors for them to manifest things that are much more aligned to their authentic-self. You learn how to do that first, then teach it. Or learn together and then grow together! The key to raising a happy and aligned human is to align your own inner truths, which naturally leads to happiness. Don't focus your attention on how to make yourself happy or them happy, focus on how to align more of yourself with your inner most desires. When you fulfill this, you automatically become happy.

Spiritual Lesson:

Don't get caught up in this Modern Day technology-driven, instant-gratifying way of drowning your creative vibration....the vibration that allows us to align to authenticity and integrity. It ain't serving!!! It causes depression and stagnation, I like to call it suffering. It's the opposite of happiness and expansion. Learning to create is the door paved for expanding self that leads to fulfilling your desires and becoming happy. If you teach a child, or you yourself were taught, to go through the motions of the modern day expectations that society has demanded of us, then you and they will struggle to become your/their own artist. Going through motions and demands has nothing to do with fulfilling our desires. When this happens, you and they will unknowingly paint a canvas guided by those expectations. Creating an experience in the vibration of societies doing. Blindly doing so. Then teaching others these same conditions by example, by vibration. If you can intentionally find balance between those conditions with unconditional creativity, you will redirect that frequency toward learning and teaching by vibrational example. Your child will watch, and learn. Your job will be to make certain they do it in their own unique way, guiding them, but not telling them how to create. Allow them to do so in their own way (long as it's safe). Giving permission is a frequency, as much permission as you give yourself, you give to your child. Learn to give yourself permission to become a deliberate creator, so that you vibrationally give them permission to do the same. Always keeping in mind that over stimulation is a huge factor in abusing modern day conveniences like technology or giving in to the endless amounts of instantly gratifying options that overtime has no vibrational substance. Remember that these material things are the doing of society, because of supply and demand, a vibration that represents lack and greed. Keep that in mind when thinking of guiding yourself and a child. Knowing that it hinders vibrational growth as a deliberate creator. Operating from your heart space, and not from the demands of the material world, is key to aligning with your authentic self. Guiding from that inner-world, or your Heart Chakra, ensures you are guiding children from this vibration, teaching them the same state of well-being.

Namaste ❤️🙂🙏

If you teach a child to fish.......

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