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Trouble Sleeping? 4 Major Causes

Trouble Sleeping?

There are 4 categories that you can improve when it comes to improving sleep. For the last 8 years, I have been searching for personal as well as professional answers to what could be responsible for not only my poor sleeping patterns, but also the modern-day man’s chronic battle with insomnia. I will elaborate lightly for each category that I mention below, as I have been holistically working on each category, one by one, and I am happy to announce that I am in the last stage of healing my battle with chronic insomnia. I will address the bio-chemical reactions our body has when any of these imbalances have occurred, and why proper sleep is essential for complete treatment of any health battle you’re addressing. The purpose of this is to address the question of what treatment or changes are right for you and to understand why synthetic medication as well as avoiding proper health habits, will not correct the bio-chemical demands our body needs to heal itself. Synthetic medications are designed to address symptomatic complaints, but does not possess the synergistic wisdom to support the healing ability our body can do on its own with proper nutrition and adequate sleep. Simply by making improvements in the 4 categories below, you can win your battle with insomnia and improve health conditions.


1.Poor Nutrition & Dehydration 2.Absence of Physical Fitness 3.Magnesium & Calcium Deficiencies 4.Stress

When any of these are at an imbalance, it leads to poor brain and body function. Imbalanced levels of neurotransmitters and hormones cause chemical reactions in the body that creates a disconnection in immune and neurological response. Resulting in susceptibility to diseases and mental disorders, as well as hindering your body’s natural ability to heal itself. This directly effects quality of sleep, and without proper rest, our body cannot help itself reverse and treat any diseases or disorder that you are currently treating. Without rest is without health.

1.Poor Nutrition & Dehydration

Our body requires nutrient dense food. Pure, clean, food. Above anything, hydration is necessary for efficiently absorbing high nutrient rich food. The yin and the yang if you will. The Art of Eating & Drinking for maximum health. Not to mention, entering the frequency of gratitude for the plants, animals, and H2O that Earth provides, offering the opportunity to anyone to obtain and preserve excellent health. With our busy schedules and pressed time, it is difficult for the average person to invest necessary time to eating a well-balanced diet and staying properly hydrated. However, with guidance and time management, you can succeed at building new healthy habits that promote proper nutrition and hydration, which naturally leads to adequate sleep. With a focus on proper nutrition, you increase restful sleep over time, and your biochemical reactions to neurotransmitters and hormones improve, thus improves the self-healing mechanics your body is designed to do. As you journey through proper diet, hydration, and sleep, your body begins to heal itself of poor health conditions. Your practice in achieving well-being becomes automatic, like second nature, as well as increasing your intuitive ability and you begin to enter the mystics of spiritual connection through diet. “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”-Hippocrates.

2.Absence of Physical Fitness

The body possesses the ability to release endorphins naturally, without synthetic drugs or medications, such as opiates. These endorphins serve the purpose of relieving pain and stress. Continuous physical activity releases these endorphins, keeping stress levels down and maintaining healthy levels of mental and emotional health. The secretion of endorphins leads to feelings of euphoria and enhances immune response, keeping one stress free and healthy. The pineal gland, along with other areas of the brain and the nervous system, house endorphins and when released, stimulates your body, mind, and spirit. We all know the pineal gland as the third eye, which is considered the highest source of ethereal energy available to humans and is the bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. Regular stimulation of the pineal gland through the release of hormones is one of many ways to activate your third eye, as well as transmuting calcification and fluoride built up, just a few more reasons to exercise! In regards to sleep, the pineal gland releases melatonin, a hormone responsible for restful sleep, that promotes proper wake/sleep patterns. The quickest way to help your body release these hormones is by including physical exercise as part of preventive and comprehensive medicine. Exercise is also a tool in decreasing feelings of anxiety, while keeping depression down. The great thing about exercise, you don’t have to have a gym membership or pay ridiculous training fees to sweat. Go out for a hike, do some light cardio at home and don’t forget to talk to your health care provider about what style of exercise is safe for you.

3.Magnesium & Calcium Deficiencies

Rapid Eye Movement (REM) is the phase in sleep that allows for optimal rest, which encourages proper healing in any case when dealing with healing the body. Without adequate amounts of Magnesium in the body, you cannot reach deep sleep. Without adequate amounts of Calcium in the body, you cannot complete the full phase of the REM stage during sleep. It is essential that you are absorbing enough of each of these minerals. Magnesium can be tricky to absorb and there are foods as well as certain health conditions that play a role in decreased levels of magnesium absorption. Check out this site for information on what you can be doing to ensure optimal bioavailability of magnesium in your body at the link below in the comments section or feel free to PM me. For natural calcium sources, check out the website in the comments section. It is important to understand that the calcium food source you choose, directly effects the bioavailability of calcium in your body. Popular to contrary belief, dairy has a low rate in calcium absorption, where-as dark leafy greens have a high rate of proper absorption.


So, who isn’t stressed? This is a normal part of life. Our bodies are designed to react in stressful situations by releasing hormones that give us the ability to act in the most responsive and focused way possible. The fight-or-flight reaction is what helps us during crisis due to stress, and after the crisis, our body excretes the neurotransmitters and hormones that were initially released during the response. However, most people are exposed to stress levels continuously, without the opportunity of having an open stress-free healing window to bring neurotransmitters and hormones back to a balance. Further stressing proper organ functions and biochemical reactions, causing more stress, and releasing more of what was never balanced in the first place. This causes anxiety, depression, mental disorders, and an endless list of poor health conditions. Hormone levels cannot reach normal if one is constantly stressed, regardless if it was due to life circumstances or biochemical imbalances. Due to these unfortunate circumstances, most suffer long restless nights followed by high anxiety days. It’s important to acknowledge that your high stress levels are keeping you from getting adequate sleep and optimal healing. You can go through an endless cycle of never feeling well, but always making serving health decisions and not realizing that stress leading to poor sleep is the culprit at hand. High stress directly effects your ability to achieve restful sleep. My best suggestion is finding a comprehensive therapy or therapies to help you learn how to cope with a stressful life. Stress management is key as well as proper nutrition, hydration, and sleep. PM for more information on what you can do.

Spiritual Effect Of Using Synthetic Drugs, Living in Poor Health, and Insomnia

Not only do synthetic drugs cause side effects, but can be extremely misleading for your body to speak to you accurately. Body intuition is blocked, because synthetic drugs do not work synergistically with our biochemical demands, nor does it meet body standards that are required to maintain optimal function. Spiritually speaking, your body intuition is hindered with the misuse, abuse, and/or long-term use of synthetic drugs, and the “knowing” of what your body essentially needs to reverse and treat itself becomes blurred, fogged, and tainted by these damaging chemicals. The disconnection of body wisdom can be detected simply by tuning in to how your brain functions on a day to day basis, or if chronically effected, talking to a holistic or spiritual professional can help. If you are someone who you consider has brain fog, lacks mental clarity, and/or has poor focus, you may be hindered and lacking the tools and knowledge to reverse and treat this disconnect. Proper brain function corresponds to your body’s ability to give you intuitive guidance to meet its most urgent needs. Without a proper functioning body, imbalances cause sleep disturbances and are sure to disrupt emotional, mental, and spiritual clarity. Understanding how important right diet, physical activity, proper mineral absorption, and healthy stress levels all play a key role in maintaining a wHolistically balanced body, mind, and spirit. If you are working towards each of these goals and need some sleeping tips, support, or advice, I have been currently conquering right sleep for right mind, to serve my highest potential and much needed sanity! What a turnaround I have made looking back 8 years. I feel healthier and feel extremely balanced and can feel my body heal, and my inner knowing is what guides me to continue making progress, as I find my connection to the spiritual world has open these doors.


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