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Anna Arguello
Shiatsu Therapist
CEO Diamond Artisan Farm
Product Developer
Mom of 2

Certificates & Hobbies


I am a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP), Holistic Health Advisor (HHA), a Cranial Sacral & Shiatsu Therapist (CST). I specialize in Nutrition, Ayurveda, Intuitive Healing, Herbs, Chakra Balancing, & Reiki. I’m an avid gardener and homesteader, I also make my own natural medicine with the plants I grow. I have my own spiritual practice where I ground and connect to Higher Self through Meditation, Hatha Yoga, & Tai Chi. For fun I love spending time with family and friends centering visits around cooking and baking, and enjoy outdoor activities like nature trips, camping, sight seeing, and visiting San Francisco. I also love vigorous exercise and strength training that I practice 3 times a week. A few of my hobbies include sewing, reading, decorating, and crafting. I'm also a proud mother & wife of two wonderful children, whom I homeschool, and an amazing husband to share this life with.

Other Education & Accomplishments

In my younger years I enrolled at the Academy of Art University of San Francisco. At the young age of 18, my drive to become a Fashion Designer was an expression of my love for the art of Couture. I had practiced sewing and designing since I was a little girl, learning to sew by hand first, and teaching myself how to read patterns. After 3 years of formal training, I was one of the top pattern makers and a unique designer, which had earned me a position to travel out of the country to study abroad. Out of 800 students, I was selected to attend a one year scholarship to study Couture at the Studio Bercot in Paris, France for the 2004/2005 school year. You can view one of my pieces being modeled at the Defile au Theatre Edouard VII, during their July 2005 fashion show (fast forward to 13:39 minutes). I also had the opportunity to meet the Mayor of Paris, France, Bertrand Delanoe, because I was part of the student exchange program. I had also picked up basic French, which had helped me speak to the Mayor and graciously gift him with a bottle of Gallo wine, my hometown Modesto's famous winery and the largest winery in the world!


Upon returning to the Academy of Art, I had submitted 6 pieces to be selected for the Spring 2006 fashion show. I was accepted and had the opportunity to show my designs to some of the most Elite fashion designers from around the world, including Alexander McQueen. You can find my pieces here. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts  Degree in Fashion Design in 2007. I went on to work as an independent contractor in pattern making and design. I eventually was hired to work in Couture for Lloyd Klein in Los Angeles, where I had learned the many facets of how the industry operates and its high demands. I quickly learned that my spirit and soul was not meant for the industry, and I pursued my dreams that my heart led me towards, the natural world.

My Health Journey

My journey wasn't always so easy, I have battled and conquered depression, autoimmune disease, and candida overgrowth. I had systemic candida overgrowth, irritable bowel disease, and leaky gut. When I had first become aware of my depression, I turned to a regular doctor who then sent me to a psychiatrist. My psychiatrist suggested I see a psychologist, and then put me on bipolar medication, Fluoxetine, after our first visit. I had a gut feeling that this approach was too soon and she had not fully applied herself to get to know me. I understood that Western medicine did not embrace a holistic model and she had proven that to me in the absence of her role as my physician. Still, my journey to understanding myself fully needed nurturing. I knew I wasn't bipolar deep down inside. I knew that my most natural state is happy and healthy. After 3 months of taking Fluoxetine, and after only 1 month of seeing a psychologist, I knew that my health was never going to improve if I continued down that road. I never felt any better and the side effects were unbarring. I knew my health and happiness would fail down this path, and I deeply knew that my mind, body, and spirit would prevail if I dedicated myself to a natural approach to self-care.

It was then when I had made the phone call to my psychiatrist to wean me off the meds. After several attempts to talk me out of it, she knew she couldn't' convince me, she had no option but to guide me off safely. I immediately began my own research or natural health. I came across a natural diet and lifestyle that I had felt was aligned to my new quest to healing my body and mind. Overnight, I became Vegan. A plant-based diet was the best decision I had ever made, and I took pride in that. It empowered me, and as I made my journey into health, little by little, and with trial and error, I was becoming healthier and happier. I couldn't believe it. My body was healing. I was also becoming more intuitive and I could hear higher guidance showing me my path more clearly. 

I was so impressed with Mother Nature and the Spiritual journey I found myself on. Nature is where my heart is. I decided to enroll myself at the Holistic Life Institute in Oakdale, California to pursue my dreams to become a Holistic Health Practitioner & Spiritual Guide. My entire healing journey was guided by self and spirit and I was called to do this for others like me. My journey was not easy, as I had not one person guiding me and I had gone through many challenges trying to 'figure it out'. It wasn't until I had gone through school for training that I had learned the many avenues one must take when Holistically approaching their health. I had learned that integrative medicine is key and that one must align their lifestyle around a mind, body, and spirit approach. This was the essence of Holistic Health and when healing becomes transformative. I changed my habits and applied myself as a student and gardener to learn the deeper meaning of nature and its medicinal magic. 

My success was partly due to my ability to persevere and see beyond the challenges, but it was also due in part by my training and trial and error. I have to say though, that my health did not fully transform until I had gone through one more major hit in my health. A year and a half later, after training, I got pregnant. After two pregnancies several years later, in 2014, my leaky gut and candida overgrowth was at its all time worse. Miraculously, my depression was unnoticeable, I have gratitude for how far my health journey had proven progress. However, I had developed insomnia, food allergies, and hormonal imbalances due to a systemic inflammatory response. At this point, I had about enough. I hit the books and searched for the protocol that would heal my body and felt feasible to adopt. Something that would flow with my lifestyle and wouldn't discourage me. I found a combination of healing methods that I intuitively knew would be right for me. I took my time and didn't address every issue right away. I applied myself intelligently. One thing at a time, one day at a time. Until I was able to reach a point where I could adopt all methods in my daily routine with ease.

My Mission

The following services I offer now are all healing methods that I have mastered, methods that did not let me down, and at a pace that I could follow. Having a student/teacher relationship with each client will allow for these applications and loving guidance to lead each individual towards their wellness goals. In my journey, my goal was to be certain that I would not give up on myself, and today, my goal is to make sure that you don't give up on yourself. Every persons journey is unique and every approach will be different, this is why I'm an affirmative believer in helping each person according to their unique needs and desires. Learning about the person as a whole body, mind, and spiritual being, and guiding each being towards their personal transformative journey.

Today, I'm a survivor, a thriving, happy and healthy person. I live and breathe in the natural world and my new purpose in life is not to heal my body, but to heal yours.


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