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How to Activate Your Crown Chakra for Higher Self Connection through Creativity

July 1, 2017

Higher Self Connection and Creativity-The Love Connection 😁


I wanted to address the importance of creativity in the process of connecting to your Higher-Self.


I'll lead by example and go by experience. For every time I create, whether I'm sewing, painting, refurbishing, interior designing, baking, cooking, medicine making, farming, gardening etc.(hobbies are creative and considered art), I immediately connect to my Higher-Self. Or God, or Source, or however you describe it to... be for yourself. I have conversations, inspired ideas, epiphanies, guidance etc etc. during my artistic endeavors. And it trickles down throughout and after.


This is where the magic happens, this is where you immediately enter the frequency of high vibrational connection. This is where you become aligned to connection to spirit, this becomes your vibration in the moment. We all have the ability to reach this frequency at any given moment, all you need to do is create what you love and desire the most. This deepens your connection to self and creates space for this frequency to dominate the totality of your vibration. .....And the more you do it, the more you become in its presence all the time, or at least most of the time. Even when you're not engaged in these activities. Though, it takes practice. The Art of The Artist.

The more you engage this way, the more connected you become, and the more instant your frequency shifts into this vibration as soon as you begin your projects or activities. The more you do it, the more automatic this connection becomes. This is a form of mediation, research shows that you enter the Theta state of consciousness when you 'lose' (I like to say 'find') yourself within the inner artist of consciousness and lovingly create uninhibitedly.


Do you need help figuring out what hobbies interest you, what kinds of creative projects you can get lost into....or found through 😉.....message me. I'm in this vibration constantly, everyday, I can share wisdom with you about this because I Am this. With all do respect and my most humble of words...I connect easy, because I created a lifestyle around this, so I have naturally aligned to higher self discipline and freedom, love and connection. Don't get stuck trying every book in the trick trying to find self, just message me, if you are ready to create a lifestyle around creating. I have the tools to guide you.

Connection is not supposed to feel like a struggle, it is natural, it flows organically through each and every one of us. That is the true essence of our spirit-spirit is connection. It is not a struggle. If you feel you are struggling to connect, then you are experiencing an energetic symptom of misguidance through your emotional or intuitive senses. Listen closely to this symptom or sign, it's an indication of something deeper.


Our natural rhythm is connection, are you rhythmically connected?


The Art of the Artist.


Love you all, please stay connected my friends 👊🏼

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